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Having a slow cooker is must for me beside than having a smoker. I need this machine for precooking of my meat. Meat is actually pretty hard to be smoked. It takes so much time and I cannot stand it with it. I actually pretty busy right now, but I cannot stop smoking of my beef every week. In order to cut the cooking time for it, I end up precooking it on my slow cooker the night before I use it. It could the processing time to half and it really good.

You might not notice it, but slow cooker is once again becoming pretty popular. This kind of tool is actually pretty famous back in the 1970 because it is cheap price and great usage. But now the product is not like that popular, but the trend of using it is coming back in the 2017. If you do not know what kind of product it is or want to know more about it, then you should really read this article since we are going to show you some recommendation for it. So, here are my top recommendations for slow cooker in 2017.

Crook-Pot 6 Quart Slow Cooker

This product is on the top my list because of its nice design and great usage. First, the product is fully made from stainless steel and it is really looks nice. I do not see this one like a cheap product because it looks so premium. The material itself is actually not easy to be scratched. I have tested it by using some sharp tool and it is tough be scratched. Remember that it is not fully protected from scratch, but for me that is more than enough.

The nice feature that you are going to get here is the lock system that company put here. The handles are easy to carry and the safety lock system is really great. The food would be safely on the inside and you do not need to worry of its spilling even on the serious condition.

The size of this product is considerably as big and means that you are able to feed of some people easy with this machine. I see that you could almost able to fit anything here. The product is fully supported by timer setting and you could set it to anytime that you want. After the timer stop, the slow cooker would go into the warmer setting and it keeps your food from being cold.

Cuisinart 3 In 1 Slow Cooker

Like the title said the product is having three in one mode that you could very easily. You could steam and sauté any food you want with this machine. The inner pot of this one is also made from non-stick material which is easy to be cleaned by putting it into your dishwater. There is also a 24 hours cooking system which led you to use the device without worrying that your food would go into cold.

The product is made from stainless material and it has PTFE certified. The material is not easily getting scratched, but it is not recommended to use any metal material since it could break the material.

I cannot recommend any other slow cooker beside than this one. One thing that I should note here is the energy that this product is using. The product needs 1500 watts and its quite bothering people to have it. That is the only thing that you need to consider about it.

Chefman 5 Quart Slow Cooker

The product is actually pretty unique since the inner pot is made from stoneware. Having stoneware inner pot is having so many advantages. One of them is the food would never get stick into your pot no matter how serious it is. Plus, stoneware is pretty easy to be cleaned and you do not need to put your much energy on it.

One thing that I love here is the stoneware insert is pretty easy to be replaced. If the inner pot is broken the replacement is pretty easy to be found and it is also cheap. The inner pot is pretty tough and I am sure you do not need to replace one for many years if you keep it in the good way.

This product is one of the best alternatives if you want good alternative one for a slow cooker. I have this product for couple months and I do not having any problem until now.

Final Thought

You could depend on precooking of your meat on using this kind of tool. The tool is must to have if you are a fan of BBQ smoker. I hope this information would be useful to you and you could use this list as your best recommendation.

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Taylor Swift always hits the world with her songs and achievements. Her song is always well-accepted. She is never absent from being nominee in music awards a Grammy. She always wins the award every year. As she just won Grammy Award 2016 for Best Vocal Pop, Best Music Video and Album of The Years categories. She is amazing right?

Her speech in Grammy Award 2016 is very encouraging and inspirational. She encourages women by saying,
“I want to say to all the young women out there: There are going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishment or your fame. But if you just focus on the work and you don’t let those people sidetrack you, someday when you get where you’re going you’ll look around and you will know that it was you and the people who love you who put you there.”

With her speech, Taylor Swift encourages women to be strong and awesome. For her, women should be strong to achieve success. People may be cruel as they keep criticizing. It should not be a serious matter for women if they focus to achieve their dream. By the end, they will realize that it is just a path to walk. Taylor Swift has experienced it herself; her haters keep criticizing but she just keeps moving on.

Inspiration can come from many ways, which include love life. Taylor Swift often writes her love life into a good song. Later, her songs which are based on her own love life are well-accepted and well-appreciated. For instance, she has ever dated John Mayer. Along with their date, they often perform together or have a music project. When they break up, Swift writes “Dear John”. It is an open-letter song for an ex-boyfriend. Some critics argue that Swift dedicates this song for John Mayer.

Swift also writes some other songs which are expected as her story about her ex-boyfriends. Besides “Dear John” which may be dedicated for John Mayer, Swift also writes “Last Kiss” as her story with Joe Jonas. She indirectly apologizes to Taylor Lautner with her song “Back to December”. Later after Swift breaks up with Jake Gyllenhaal, her song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is released. There are some other songs that Swift writes and they become popular. What we learn from Swift is being heartbroken does not mean being trapped in sadness. Instead, you can create a masterpiece that will be widely-appreciated.

Taylor Swift is widely popular and talented. She has been awarded for her music and songs. She often gets inspiration from her love life; her ex-boyfriends.