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Well, this question is basically simple and also could be pretty tough because updating driver is pretty simple, but sometimes it does not bring any significant improvement to our PC or we could called it as useless. There are so many companies that provide a monthly update for their products that bring so many improvements, but we actually do not see that is improvement. I remember when I updating my GPU driver to the latest and suddenly my old software and games are not working anymore. I am so angry that time because I really need that app and I have to reinstall the driver to make it work again. But, actually I really recommend you to upgrade of your driver always to up to date for one reason, security. Sometimes there are some vulnerabilities that could lead the users or people use that bug to steal our information data and everything information that we have in our computer. This could be dangerous if you use your laptop or your computer for doing of your work. There are also other reasons that I would tell you why we should upgrade of our PC drivers.


You feel that the performance of your system is not that good in comparison with your friends who is having the same hardware, then the problem might be in the driver. When you bought your computer, it actually comes with the early generation of their software and you really have to upgrade it because it might bring some problems on the performance. Some problems like internet connection dropping issue and lags are the problems that coming from driver problem. I am really sure the problem would be solved if you update of your driver. it is not always make that effect, but at least it brings some improvements that make your system better.


This is probably what most people are looking for, the performance. I still remember when I first bought my laptop. I got really big problems on playing Skyrim. The laptop is could be considered as graphic design laptop, so the specs is not the problem since its coming with Nvidia GPU. I found the problem where located on the GPU, unlike the other drivers video drivers are really important because it would bring improvement for newer games. New games will use newer system or new improvements and that is why our system need to adapt with it, but sometimes it fails to recognize that new system because the driver is too old. If you are gamer, you probably have to do it because it would boost the performance on gaming better. The performance boost itself could be around 20 or 40 % and its really matter for getting better or more FPS.

Where To Get The Drivers?

You actually does not need to really confuse about this case because Windows would automatically install the generic update for your drivers. Once you connect to the internet, it searches the right driver for your system. It is really good, but sometimes it brings some problem on the performance and stability. In order to fix it, you have to find the manual driver and then reinstall it. This is where you should know where to get the right one for your system. The easiest place to find it is on the manufacture website. They usually provided all the right drivers based on your system, so this place should be one your number one place. If you think the driver is too old, then you should go the each one manufacture of your hardware. For GPU you could go to the AMD or Nvidia website and for processor itself, it could be from AMD or Intel.

Which Drivers Should I Upgrade?

I cannot specifically pick the right one, but the most important should probably the GPU, CPU, and the audio. Those are three things that you should really take care first, then you can move to the next one. If you are gamer, the first thing that you have to do is upgrading the GPU because that is where your games would depend. Remember not to fix the problem that is not exist. Means that if there is nothing wrong to your system do not upgrade your driver because the most important thing is not pick the latest one, but pick the right one. If you feel the performance and stability is already good, then you should stay with it until you find the right way to update it. Remember that new update might bring some new problems, so be aware on choosing the right one for the system. It should matter to upgrade it to the latest, but do not fix the problem that never exist.

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Today, all in one computer is increasingly more popular. It is because this model is simpler and looks better. The parts are only a flat monitor, a mouse, and a keyboard because the CPU is designed as slim as possible behind the monitor. If you are looking for an all in one PC, you can consider choosing from HP, one of the best brands of electronic products. In this article, I will help you to find the best HP all in one computer will affordable price less than $ 500 or see cheap $300 gaming pc.

HP AMD E-Series E2-3800 Gaming PC
This new PC from HP can be considered as one of the best options for you who loom for an all in one PC with affordable price. This computer comes in 23 inches of screen. This screen is very ideal and comfortable for any use. The performance is also undoubted with AMD Quad Core E2 3800 for its processor. This processor is paired with 1.3 GHz speed to provide powerful and high performance. So, you can use it for gaming, typing, watching movies, etc based on your desire.

This all in one PC also comes with 4 GB of RAM. This RAM is spacious enough so that it allows you to install and run apps & games smoothly without slowing down the performance. You are also offered 500 GB of hard disk drive that can be used to save various files you want including photos, videos, games, etc. The quality of image is also high. In this case, you should thank to its FHD backlit IPS display that applies 1920 x 1080 pixels. This resolution makes you able to enjoy images on your PC clearly. For the OS, it uses Windows 10 Pro.

HP B01IBVD4GG All in One PC
This is the second choice recommended for you to buy. If you buy this all in one PC, you will be satisfied with these specs. Starts from the screen size offered, it offers 19.5 inches with HD display. So, the image quality is very high. It is also certified rubbished so that the quality is trusted. This computer can be operated enjoyably because of its operating system used that is Windows 10 Home. This OS is very sophisticated for any purpose.

This all in one computer also comes with high quality processor that is Intel Celeron. This processor is paired with 2.41 GHz that can provide very powerful performance. So, you can use it for gaming, photo editing, or anything else including multitasking. 4 GB of RAM is also offered by this all in one PC that functions to keep it smooth and fast for hard uses. You can also enjoy saving files with large capacities in its 500 GB of hard disk drive. Overall, the specs are satisfying. That is why it is recommended for you all.

HP 20-c010 All in One PC
This all in one PC from HP is also priced less than $ 500. It is recommended for you because of the specs offered. This all in one computer comes with Intel Celeron Dual Core J3060 processor that is well known with its powerful performance. Besides that, 1.6 GHz processor speed can keep the running apps or games fast. So, it can meet what you need for a PC. You should also thank to its RAM that is good enough where its capacity is 4 GB. You can install many apps and games in this RAM without slowing down the performance.

Still related to the storage memory, it also offers 1 TB of SATA hard disk drive. This HDD functions to save various files you want including games, apps, videos, films, or other files. Then, it is featured with ultra slim tray for SuperMulti DVD burner. For the screen size, 19.5 inches will be ideal for your purpose. It also comes with LED backlit display that offers 1600 x 900 pixels of resolutions. So, the image quality will be high and clear.

HP Pavilion AMD E2-3800
The next recommended all in one PC from HP less than $ 500 is HP Pavilion AMD E2-3800. This PC is powered by AMD Quad Core E2 3800 processor that is paired with 3.1 GHz processor speed to create high performance. This powerful processor makes it good for multitasking. Besides, you are also offered 1080p FHD IPS display with 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolutions by this all in one computer. Certified rubbished, this PC uses Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 as its operating system for enjoyable used.

The RAM is also very useful to keep it smooth and fast for hard uses and multitasking. The RAM capacity offered is 4 GB that is big enough for you. For the hard disk drive, it offers 500 GB of capacity where you can use it to save many files such as pictures, films, games, or other files even with great capacities. There are also many features applied on this all in one PC such as AC power adapter, wireless mouse & keyboard, Ethernet port, microphone/headphone, USBs, card reader, webcam, and AMD Radeon HD graphics.

2016 HP J3710 All in One PC
This is another best HP all in one PC for you. Priced with under $ 500, this PC will satisfy you with its specs. In relation to the screen, it comes with 21.5 widescreen with full HD IPS LED backlit display. The resolution offered is also very high with 1920 x 1080 pixels so that the image quality is very clear and sharp. Even more, it applies Intel HD graphics to optimize the display quality.

For the performance, you need to thank to its high quality processor called Intel Pentium Quad Core J3710. This processor comes with 1.6 GHz processor speed that can be boosted up to 2.64 GHz. So, you can use it fast and powerfully. Even more, the RAM capacity is great enough with 4 GB capacity that can be expanded up to 8 GB. In addition, it also applies 1 TH of SATA hard disk drive for storage memory of this HP all in one computer.

HP all in one computer less than $ 500 with best offers are HP AMD E-Series E2-3800, HP B01IBVD4GG, HP 20-c010 All in One PC, HP Pavilion AMD E2-3800, & HP J3710 All in One PC.