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Are you looking for any great hotel for your vacation? If yes, then you should stick with this list since I am going to show you the top one in this country. I have traveled a lot, so I have some good recommendations for you. I traveled to Barcelona not too long ago, but I am having some problems on choosing the right hotel, so I talk to people around and I was getting so many good recommendations from them and decided to make this list. People in the Spain are so good and I really love to stay here. So, here my recommendation.

Chic and Basic Born

This hotel is great if you are not looking the one with great spaces. I talked about it because the room space is not too big, but the price is really okay. One thing that I really love here is the room decoration; it is so well nice and clean even though their rooms are small. Everything is pay because of this great thing. You also need to know all of the rooms are painted with while color, that is what the room service said to me. It’s a nice chance if you want to try it.

Ciutat De Barcelona

Some people suggested me to go the place because they said that the room is good and clean. I did not have a chance to make a room reservation, but I got a chance to see all of their rooms and also the services. I have to say that it’s quite big and they are giving us a small fridge which is full of mineral water. That is a huge deal actually, but I cannot make the reservation since all of them are closed at that time because the capacity is already full.

Hotel Market

It’s a nice place with extra fridge and also I am getting a free apple from them. There is not many things to talk about, but their foods are really great. They served me with pasta and grilled fish and it tasted really great. I would give 5 stars for food and services.

That is all of recommendations if you have a chance to visit Spain or Barcelona. It was a nice place for vacation because of their old city and also good local people. Anywhere you stuck with something, just ask them and they would tell you where you should go.
Category: Destination
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Have you already had any recommendation for travel destination? If no, then I probably have some nice places that must be so interesting to visit. I don’t randomly choose it and all of them are the places that I have been visited during my holiday season. I am actually a backpacker and I really love to do travelling. I have visited many countries in Europe, America, and Asia. All of it for me are really interesting to see because every time you make yourself at new country, you would feel different feeling and experience. It could be nice experience and bad experience. All of them are interesting story to tell many people. So that is why I decided to make some good list for travel destination for you.

Guilin China

This amazing place is actually not really that popular among the traveler. They know about China, but this place seems to be hiding from their list destination. I visited this place last year and I am so amazed by its mountain and river. The big mountain with river flowing under them is so great to see. I only make a plan for 3 days, but i decided to stay longer because the nature is amazing. First, I have heard this place from a game that i play long time ago and I decided to visit it. The scenery is not totally same, but their nice people and food is making relax to stay at that place.


Cayman Island

The place is so tropical and this must be on your list for Tropical Island. Cayman is a only small island at the western Carribean sea, but even though the island is small, but everything is feel great here. Their tourism is growing fast every year and many people keep coming to this small island. They have world class diving with breathtaking and amazing view. It’s a must visit place for you.



Everyone should need to come to this city because the mixing of old tradition and modern tradition is both mixed and creating a great experience. You could see their big city with thousands high building, but at the other side you can also see their big old castle around the city. They really keep their old tradition without making adjustment there and there. I feel lucky to be able to come here since not everyone knows how great it is.