The method of distinguishing the authenticity of Prada bags

In 1913, Prada founded its first boutique in the heart of Milan, Italy. The designer’s Mario Prada’s stylish and high-quality handbags, suitcases, leather accessories and cosmetic cases were from the royal family and the upper class. Petting and sought after. Today, this still-famous boutique still has a high reputation and reputation in the Italian upper class. The value embodied in Prada products has always been regarded as an extraordinary enjoyment in daily life and a very good feminine gift. .
The method of distinguishing the authenticity of Prada bags:
1. Material:
Really Prada bags are made of good cowhide, sheepskin, deer skin or crocodile skin, all the leather texture is more obvious. The fake leather has a harder texture and less texture. In addition, Prada has its special leather antiseptic syrup, which cannot be copied because of its high cost.
2. Strap:
The strap of the nylon bag. The surface of the genuine nylon strap is not easy to pilling, and the strap has a twill on it and is very elastic. The strap of the fake is rather thin, with no elasticity, and no twill is found on the strap. President Prada asked his product to be MadeinPrada (produced in Prada), completely prohibiting any errors in the brand’s services and access, so replica prada bag for sale strictly selected and produced.

3. Zipper:
Really Prada’s zipper is made of the world’s top brand Lampo’s zipper. The zipper is heavier. Around 2002, the metal part of the zipper head is printed with the word Lampo, which is a new anti-counterfeiting mark. There is another under the Lampo body. digital. The zipper of the fake goods is relatively light, and the work of the anti-counterfeiting mark is rough and lacks the true texture.

4. Logo:
Really Prada generally uses a triangular logo, placed in the middle of the bag, the distance between the surrounding car line and the logo is also very well-balanced, and the fonts are handmade, with a sense of concavity. When you touch the metal logo by hand, there is a shallow sense of protrusion; the metal logo position of the fake may not be in the middle, and some are biased. When you look closely, you will find that the distance between the car line and the logo is not very uniform, and the stitches are not very fine.

5. Internal standard:
Really Prada bag, the internal standard is located in the upper part of the inner lining, sewed with rectangular leather, the corners are reinforced with rivets, the golden rounded frame on the inside is the traditional Prada logo pattern, the printing is clear. After the internal standard of the replica prada handbags is sewn, the reinforcement of the rivets is different, and sometimes the gold handwriting can be scratched with the nails.

6. Line workmanship:
Really Prada is hand-stitched. The needle behind the stitch is not on a horizontal line with the needle end of the previous needle. The overall appearance is a certain slope, not a straight line. In order to save time, fakes are usually machine-sewn and the pins are arranged neatly.

7. External standard:
Really Prada’s external standard is composed of golden “PRADA” + rounded rectangle “MILANO” label + ribbon-shaped “DAL1913” + cross plus shield. In the work of rounded rectangle and cross shield, the true concave of Prada Very delicate, the depth of all the word lines is the same, the rounded edges are even, the pattern on the shield is also very clear, it will not easily fade or scratch; the text of the fake prada bags is different, and the shield is also faded or appears when used. The phenomenon of scratches.


If the bag is stained with oil, wipe it off with a dry cloth, and let the rest dissipate naturally or clean with detergent. Do not wash or rub with water.