The story of Prada

The story of Prada began in the early twentieth century. In 1913, Prada founded its first boutique in the heart of Milan, Italy. At that time, the traffic between the Americas and Europe was frequent, so Mario Prada (Mario Prada) brothers decided to produce a series of leather goods for travel. In the era of inconvenient transportation, Mario insisted on importing sterling silver from the UK, from China. The best imported fish skin, crystal from Bohemia, and even the personally designed leather goods to the German production that is always known for its quality, opened Prada’s consistent pursuit of perfect brand spirit.

Italians pay attention to family values, and replica prada bags industry is no exception. Prada is one of them. Founder Mario Prada began manufacturing a range of handmade leather goods for travel and opened a boutique in 1913. In the 1970s, the fashion environment changed, Prada was on the verge of bankruptcy. In 1978, Miuccia Prada and his husband Patrizio Bertelli took over Prada and led Prada to a new milestone.
In 1970, Miuccia Prada, who had just graduated from political science with a strong passion for fashion, joined his own family business, managed and managed the Galleria boutique, and was committed to producing and designing top luxury products for customers. . After officially taking over the leadership of the company in 1978, Miuccia Prada immediately reinvented the appearance of the Prada product. With her talented fashion talent and her preference for using special fabrics, she has created the distinctive features of today’s Prada products. Miuccia Prada often uses innovative fabrics to create new pieces in the design. They not only reflect the highest level of craftsmanship, but also the best interpretation of fashion in modern luxury. .

In 1985, Miuccia Prada designed a new series of black, durable and meticulous nylon handbags. This series has been launched around the world with its unique style, excellent quality and durability. It has become a must-have accessory for the world’s leading fashion people. During this period, Miuccia Prada’s design reputation rose rapidly. Prada not only owned traditional products such as leather bags, suitcases and leather accessories, but also added new products such as footwear and men’s and women’s clothing. The series makes the Prada brand even richer.
Miuccia Prada held her first women’s wear in the autumn and winter of 1989, and it was a great success as soon as it was launched. The simple and meticulous lines make her chic design stand in stark contrast to other contemporary sensations. In the second year, she launched her men’s collection, which was also greatly welcomed. Since then, the introverted luxury of Miuccia Prada has become the most celebrated example of fashion.
Miuccia Prada met with Patrizio Bertelli in the 1970s and later became not only her husband, but also her best partner in her career. Patrizio? Bertelli is currently the global CEO of the replica prada handbags Group, where he is responsible for managing the company’s overall operations and sales strategy. After a concerted effort by Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli, Prada has evolved from a familial business to an internationally leading fashion group that is now proud. Prada’s development is based on its solid business strategy and its consistent corporate development objectives, covering every step from design, production to distribution. These include the spirit of continuous innovation and research, the relentless pursuit of high quality, and the effective control and management of all products in the production process and sales channels. In 1996, the Prada Group founded Prada Holding BV and incorporated the prestigious international brands such as Fendi, Helmut Lang and Jil Sander into the group.
Few fashion brands have the same reputation and glamour as Prada, and few of the fashion industry have the same influence as Miuccia Prada. Miuccia Prada, with her outstanding management skills and extraordinary design, has portrayed Prada as the most popular luxury symbol in the world today.